Twice a year, the 11 Life Care and two Century Park facilities in the Denver metropolitan area come together for a collaborative event. The location of the event rotates through the facilities, and always consists of associates from each building setting up a table and handing out gifts that match a theme. Residents, associates and community members all enjoy exploring the theme and meeting new people.


These events, which generally host around 150 participants, have gained a reputation for being quite enjoyable, and for providing a great opportunity to network with a variety of people from the area.


This year, Western Hills Health Care Center hosted a Travel the World event, with each facility representing a different country:


“For the host facility, it is always an opportunity to spruce up their building, rally their team around hosting and show off what makes them special to a wide variety of people,” said Melanie Baker-Hood, marketing director at Life Care Center of Stonegate and key event coordinator. “The Western Hills team really got behind the effort. They made groups to plant flowers in their entryway and courtyard, their dietary team got creative with making breakfast and highlighting foods from around the world and they decorated the building according to the travel theme.”


Everyone had a great time exploring the different countries and meeting new people along the way.


In particular, Jackie Allen, Western Hills Health Care Center’s director of health information management, had a wonderful time. She has been with Life Care for 21 years and is retiring in December. She called the event one of her best memories in her last year, expressed how proud she was of everyone who participated and was proud of the positive response from people in the community.


With the Travel the World day behind them, all the facilities are looking forward to their next event in December!

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